Landscape Maintenance Consulting & Supervision

Landscape Maintenance Consulting and Supervision is a service intended to work along with the property owner and maintenance contractor, to assure that the work performed in the field is based on the landscape specifications provided by residential owners or property managers and that is consistent with the California standards of landscape maintenance. It also helps to enhance the quality and value of the landscape through the introduction of best practices and updated management techniques. Supervising new planting. The moment of planting a new tree or shrub is the only opportunity we have to make it properly and determine the future of the plants. It is intended to ensure that new planting and renovations are successfully established and continue to function well over time. The intension of a good design and planting is to leave the property owners and managers with a clear sense of how to take care of their investment, and leave satisfaction on their side. 

Scope of work for maintenance consulting:

  • Review and update existing landscape maintenance specifications or create new ones if they do not exist. Landscape specifications are the best road map for the contractor’s performance.
  • Review and update the schedule for landscape maintenance.
  • Generate programs and schedules for fertilization, weed control, and turf management.
  • Generate programs and dynamic schedules for irrigation, water management techniques and budgeting.
  • Development of a plan for long-term maintenance of trees.
  • Bimonthly walk through with contractor, development of punch list, follow up and review its completion.