Project Arborist

Residential constructions and upgrades

Commercial and industrial developments

Site arborist




Long-Term Tree Management

Complete field inventory with tree location maps
Assessment of site’s forest canopy
Long-term projection budgeting for pruning, tree removal and replacement
Individual tree examination, diagnosis and treatment. Individual tree records
Recommendations for pruning
Scheduling for pruning and fertilization
Management of hazardous trees
Diagnosis of pests and diseases
Preventative and curative treatment of pests and diseases
Tree surgery for tree preservation
Tree selection for new planting
Tree removal and transplanting
Security devices installation (cable embracing)
Deep root fertilization
Pest and disease control
Hazard assessment

Pest Control Operations - Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Management of pest control operations for commercial landscape maintenance companies, school districts, government agencies, municipalities, etc.
Training and certification of pest control applicators
Control of environment factors such as moisture, drainage, hydro-zone, and plant sensitivity
Proper planting, pruning and fertilization
Applied biological pest control through a balanced pest/predator population, including mites,nematodes, bacteria, ladybugs
Physical barriers and trapping

Landscape Design & Management

Development of landscape specifications and contracts
Landscape design, installations, and management
Review of landscape proposals for enhancement and upgrades
Long-term plan for landscape preservation and renovation
Weekly or monthly on-site/walk through with maintenance contractor-supervisors
Development and monitoring of punch list
On site quality control of plant material and horticulture practices
Assurance of regulatory safety practices
Landscaping with fruit trees
Management of commercial organic composting operations

Landscape Management Trainer

Training on California standards on landscape maintenance
Best practices, safety, irrigation management, maintenance scheduling, and maintenance roadmap
Landscape bidding and landscape enhancement proposals

Irrigation Specialist

Irrigation water management, budgeting, programming, and scheduling
Design and installation
Landscape bidding and landscape enhancement proposals

Weed Control Specialist

Residential and commercial weed control
Pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control
Organic and in-organic weed control